Virtue Feed & Grain

106 South Union Street
Alexandria, VA  22314
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The first thing you notice about Virtue Feed & Grain is that the space is huge.  It is a wide open seating area that meshes well with the bar that runs almost the length of the restaurant.  The tables are spacious and gives plenty of elbow room for everyone to sample the food.  The next thing I thought about is how in the world do you ever keep up the rent for such a big restaurant (albeit very aesthetically pleasing) which used to be a feed and grain house (presumably for horses).  It is located in the heart of Alexandria's waterfront and while it's not New York City, it can't be cheap.  The answer, I think, is that while it calls itself a restaurant, it almost certainly doubles as a sports bar since when we went there for lunch, there were equal amounts of patrons sitting to eat a meal and milling about to watch games at the several TVs along the bar.


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